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It is not the purpose of this channel to present “the” way to do anything, but rather to use simple logic and experience to try to help others who might be looking for answers. It does not always offer direct answers to certain questions, but instead humbly seeks to show a road one might go down to find the answers they need for themselves.


  1. Frank Fagnant

    Just finished your excellent clip on Cowboy Boots. Interesting that this one should come along at this time. I recently found myself in the need for a new pair of boots, and my wife offered to buy me a pair for Christmas. So after a disappointing bust at our locally owned “western wear” store, we drove 75 mile to a place whose business was boots. The feller who met me at the door asked what I was looking for. I told him that I needed a well-built working boot with a semi-round toe and a medium riding heel and please, don’t even show me a square-toed boot. His answer? “OOOhh, that may be a problem”. But he gave it an honest try and we were able to locate five pair of non-square-toed boots in a store that contained what I would guess to be 1500 to 2000 pairs of boots. Not five brands or sizes. Five pair!! The first three were immediately eliminated because the heels were way too low keep a foot from going through a stirrup, and any inadvertent hiking up of the pant leg would spook the horses and cause a stampede of biblical proportion. The fourth was out due to size, made in China and previous experience showed they would not hold up through even one season’s work. I settled on the last pair. They were a bit pricey, but they fit well, looked good, American made, good reputation for longevity and checked all of the boxes except one–leather soles. But I spend enough time on the ground that they would smooth up in no time. For those rare times now when I need to wear spurs, I have a 25-30 year old pair of Chippewa Packers that have enough ledge for that purpose, and they fit like a second skin. Anyway, checkout was a bit tense, and I just couldn’t let it go, so I asked him, “So, let me get this straight. You would rather cater to “trendy” and the wannabees who wouldn’t know cow crap if they fell face first into it than those whose gear and lifestyle put you on the map?” His answer was, “Pretty much.” AAAAHHHH!!!! Never thought I would see the day. Thank you for all the great videos, please keep them coming and much success in your business venture.

  2. Harold Martin

    No one has taken the time to explain the ”mechanics” of a viable ”tool” for the American Cowboy'(Cowgirl too).
    Dewayne, I heard one time the fact that Western boots & clothing are the ONLY clothing style that is truly American! Initially, created here, made here & enjoyed around the World.
    Thank you sir for being there.
    Thanks to you & your good wife (”Mama”), for not selling out to Corporate Captains of industry.

  3. Bob Ouimet

    Dewayne, I have enjoyed your videos immensely and have increased my understanding of what, when and how to do things. I do have a question for you about saddle/stirrups. What is you opinion on stirrup swivels to turn the stirrups out. I saw some ads on them and would be interested in your opinion/
    Bob Ouimet

    • DryCreekWranglers

      Bob, I’ve seen people using them, and everyone Ive talked to seemed to love them. I have no experience myself, so I can’t speak with direct knowledge, but I have no reserve for those who like to use them.


  4. Sebastian L.

    Dewayne, I want to thank you for what you are doing. As a young man heading out into the world, your kind yet practical words have given me much guidance. It is through your channel, that I learned to cook. You teach practical, simple, necessary life skills, that some of us without fathers in our lives have never been exposed to until now. Your wisdom, stories, and advice are all greatly appreciated. If you ever have the time, I would please, humbly request more “life advice”, or skills a young man/cowboy should know. I know that is not the primary mission of your videos perhaps, but sometimes it is nice to hear from someone who has things figured out. Your teachings are greatly appreciated and taken to heart. Perhaps someday I may be able to attend your teaching in person, for now though I am viewing all of your great, thoughtful, and helpful videos. I am unexperienced with horses, but had the privilege of raising and working with goats as a young child. However this June I will be applying for a entry level position at a horse training camp, learning the basics. I suppose you would call it a dude ranch. It was your “how to get started” video that helped me know what to do to find that job… Again, you are doing a good thing. Please keep at it. God bless you, and your family. Thank you Dewayne.

  5. Curtis

    My family and I have been in the horse / wrangler life for quite some time. We love watching your videos. You make us feel like we’re sitting around the camp fire together, soaking up the cowboy wisdom and preserving the old western ways. Keep em’ coming!

  6. Robert Williams

    Our cattle ranch has been in my family over 100 years and still going strong. We are located just outside the Sequoia National Park in Fresno County, Calif.
    When I was a tike, now 76 years old, packers, at the end of the season would drive their stock out of the park and spend the first night at our ranch. Listening to you is just like listening to the packers way back in the day. My father when he was in his teens hires on with packers to wrangler through the back country. So I just wanted to tell you that all you say is gold and needs to be told over and over. Thank you for reminding me of what a Cowboy truly is. Good luck with you dream business. You will change lives, for the good.
    God bless.

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